Bold Hold Maxx-Silicone Lace Glue 1.4 oz

Bold Hold Maxx is the latest and greatest silicone adhesive technology in the Bold Hold Product Line. This is our 1st true maximum hold silicone adhesive. This adhesive can yield holds in excess of 4 weeks with a proper application by a certified professional. It's great for all types of hair systems and hair units. Bold Hold Maxx should be applied by certified professionals only. We advise nonprofessionals not to use the product. This adhesive is lab tested and is skin safe for normal skin types. Not recommended for those with sensitive skin or skin disorders. This product is flammable and must be handled with extreme caution. Bold Hold Maxx should be stored in well ventilated cool environments.



A Silicone-based Adhesive

Great for Lace/Poly Hair Systems and Mens Systems

4 week hold if applied properly


Latex Free


How to Use:

Step 1: Gently Clean the Skin With Soapy Water.

Gently remove body oils from the area of application using 91% Alcohol or lower percentage. You may use Seabreeze for a more gentle cleaning

Do not scrub the skin, which may cause irritation upon application of the adhesive.

Do not apply to broken skin, acne, eczema, psoriasis, or overly sensitive skin.

Never Apply to HAIR

Step 2: Always apply Bold Hold Skin Protect

Step 3: Apply thin layer of Bold Hold Maxx, 4-6 layers

Step 4: Allow adhesive to dry until it feels tacky

Step 5: Apply Lace to Clear adhesive. Dry with dryer.

Dry with cool dryer and style.

Do not wet for 24 hours.

Bold Hold Maxx-Silicone Lace Glue 1.4 oz


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