Nairobi Wrapp-It-Shine Foaming Lotion 8 oz

Achieve absolutely no flaking or dulling white film

  • Effortless comb-outs
  • No hardening of hair
  • No hair breakage 
  • No combing discomfort for the client
  • Fantastic silky sheen

Heat-activated conditioning thermal lubricant; protects against hot curling and blow-drying and keeps hair and scalp from feeling dry. Leaves hair with a beautiful healthy sheer shine, and sexy, bouncy, body, too!


How to Use:

1. After relaxing with NAIROBI Replenishing Relaxer shampoo hair thoroughly without Normalizing Shampoo. Then shampoo hair with NAIROBI Hydrating Detangling Shampoo.

2. Shake bottle well before using it. Apply WRAPP-IT Shine Foaming Lotion to wet hair. Massage into a rich shiny foam and wrap or wave, as usual, place client under a dryer.

Nairobi Wrapp-It-Shine Foaming Lotion 8 oz


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